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I have aspergers and I am not a puzzle for you to figure out.

I fell like people “supporting” autism is a trend, like people are buying though horrible Autism speaks puzzle jewelry.
With out researching that Autism speaks is rubbish and don’t give a crap about the autistic community.

I’m having NT’s trying to school me on what its like to have Autism and when I have to correct some little thing they say “well you don’t know any better”

I had a family member send me a message on FB that people with autism don’t have the ability to think for them selves and need to told what they need then had the nerve to bring god into it saying its a christian way.

I have had Autism my hole life, I have been beaten up, had a gun put to my head, humiliated in public by people for being different.

just when I learned to except myself for my Autism and even celebrate it, these NT hipster assholes come in and flaunt gold and silver puzzle jewelry that symbolize a oppressive organization that use scare tactics to get money from parents to spend on Autism speaks non Autistic staff.

on top of that they try and school me on the “crippling” and “tragic” life of people with Autism and when I tell them I’m autistic and that I have aspergers they ignore my presents.

What the hell?! Thanks for your fake support assholes!

i guess its easy to wear puzzle shirts and slapp bumper stickers on your car then being a real nice or supporting person.

I’m not asking for charity i just want to be treated as a person not a logo that makes you look like a better person to other people so you feel superior … I think everyone with autism deserves that.     

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